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thick top table

Thick Top Farm Table

Item Number 9TK4, 9TK5, 9TK6, 9TK7, 9TK8
thin top table

Thin Top Farm Tables

Item Number 9TN4, 9TN5, 9TN6, 9TN7, 9TN8
square leg table

Square Leg Table With Thick Top

Item Number 9SLT5, 9SLT6, 9SLT7
round farm table

Round Farm Tables

Item Number 10RTN40, 10RTN48, 10RTN60 or 10RTK40, 10RTK48, 10RTK60
banquet trestle table

Banquet Trestle Table With 2 1/2" Thick Top

Item Number 9BTT5,9BTT6, 9BTT7, 9BTT8, 9BTT9, 9BTT10
pub table

Pub Table with 1 3/4" Top

Item Number 10PT36, 10PT
round pedestal table

Turned Pedestal Thin Top Table

Item Number 10TP42TH, 10TP48TH, 10TP60TH
splayed leg pedestal table

Spayed Leg Pedestal Table W/Thick Top

Item Number 10SP42TK, 10SP48TK, 10SP60TK
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